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January 2016

Teaching Social Skills Through Games – Series One: Joint Attention

Evidence suggests that social skills are best taught through direct instruction, modeling, role-playing and interactive games.  While we engage in all of these modalities at East Side Social, one of our favorite ways to teach new skill sets is through games. There are so many games on the market today that lend themselves to teaching a number of social skills. In developing our lesson plans for our group meetings at East …Read More

Teaching Social Skills Through Games – Series Two: Patience

Whether in line at the store, sharing common materials or holding a conversation between friends, one must wait their turn always and everywhere when other people are involved. Games are no exception. The nice thing about teaching the skill of waiting one’s turn during game play is that, yet again, the structure makes for a safe space. The rules and expectations are explicit, giving learners some stability to rely on. …Read More