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Social Skills Group

Social Skills Group

East Side Social LLC is an agency that provides behavior analytic services to teach social, communication and self-management skills to individuals with learning differences. We provide behavior consultation, 1:1 ABA instruction and parent training in the home, school and community. In addition we offer social skills development groups to teach target skills in a group setting.  We collaborate with the learners’ team to include families, caregivers and other service providers to ensure comprehensive program development and implementation in order to maximize learning potential.

Behavior consultation services include assessment, program development, staff training and supervision of service provision in the home and school setting. We collaborate with families, school staff and service providers to address academic and behavior goals.

In the provision of 1:1 ABA instruction, behavior therapists work with learners’ teams to assess and develop programming that addresses social, communication, self-management and other behavior goals to meet the needs of our learners. Programming is implemented in the home, school and community settings with the collaboration of the learners’ team.

During parent training sessions we work with families and caregivers to effectively identify goals, manage behavior problems and increase independence.  Sessions are designed to teach families and caregivers how to teach, generalize and maintain skills taught in the learners’ natural environments. Parent training sessions may be held in the family’s home and/or community setting.

In our social groups we adhere to procedures that have been shown to support social skills development in the standing body of literature. In doing so we use direct teaching, interactive lessons, group activities, games, role-playing and community-based activities to teach and practice appropriate peer interactions. Social groups are designed to increase appropriate peer interactions and help individuals to establish and maintain friendships.

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