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How long does the Social Skills Group last for?

Each group meets for one hour per week for a six week session. 

Each six week session follows a reoccurring theme. Sample themes include:

  • Identifying and Responding to the Emotions of Others / Empathy
  • Establishing and Maintaining Friendships
  • Idioms and Language Play
  • Initiating and Maintaining Conversation
  • Understanding the Hidden Curriculum
  • Hygiene and Self Care
  • Developing Leisure Skills
  • Responding to Bullying

Across all six sessions basic social skills will be taught. Sample social skill targets include:

  • Joint Attention
  • Initiation and Maintenance of Peer Interactions
  • Appropriate Greetings
  • Giving and Receiving Compliments
  • Self-Regulation 
  • Following Group Direction
  • Developing Game Playing Skills and Being a Good Sport
  • Cooperative Play

Can I pay hourly for the Social Skills Group?

Our social skills groups are designed to build on skills learned in previous sessions. The groups are in six week blocks. Payments are due in full on the first session of the purchased package. If you, or your child are not happy with the groups, you can cancel at any time and get a refund for the remaining credits. Insurance is accepted for Social Group Sessions as well.

What is the rate for the Social Skills Group?

In addition to our 6-week session rate, East Side Social offers seasonal and annual packages.

  • 1 session (6 weeks) – $540
  • 1 season (2 sessions / 12 weeks) – $975
  • 1 year (6 sessions / 36 weeks) – $2700

Payments are due in full on the first session of the purchased package and may be made by cash, check or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Most insurance plans cover Social Skills Group Sessions as well. Call us for more information. We are here to help!

How do you use ABA in your Social Skills Group?

In our social skills groups we adhere to procedures that have been shown to support social skills development in the standing body of literature. In doing so we use direct teaching, interactive lessons, group activities, games, role-playing and community-based activities to teach and practice appropriate peer interactions. Social skills groups are designed to increase appropriate peer interactions and help individuals to establish and maintain friendships.