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We offer a wide range of services that have been honed over years of experience. Outside of our standard services, we also offer custom tailored services to meet each individual’s needs. Please browser through the list below and call us if you have any questions. We are here to help.


  • Social Skills Groups

  • Parent Training

  • Behavior Consultation

  • Workshops

East Side Social can put together a team of behavior therapists to implement programming developed to address academic and behavior goals in the home, school and community settings.


We work to support social skills development of children and teens of all abilities. We use interactive lessons, group activities, games, role-playing and community-based activities to teach and practice appropriate peer interactions. Groups are composed of 4 – 6 individuals and are arranged by age and current skill sets. Each group meets for 1 hour per week for a 6-week session. Sample topics include: cooperative play, game playing skills; joint attention; conversation; developing leisure skills; self-management of behavior.

​Each six week session follows a reoccurring theme. Sample themes include:

  • Identifying and Responding to the Emotions of Others / Empathy
  • Establishing and Maintaining Friendships
  • Idioms and Language Play
  • Initiating and Maintaining Conversation
  • Understanding the Hidden Curriculum
  • Hygiene and Self Care
  • Developing Leisure Skills
  • Responding to Bullying

Across all six sessions basic social skills will be taught. Sample social skill targets include:

  • Joint Attention
  • Initiation and Maintenance of Peer Interactions
  • Appropriate Greetings
  • Giving and Receiving Compliments
  • Self-Regulation
  • Following Group Direction
  • Developing Game Playing Skills and Being a Good Sport
  • Cooperative Play

East Side Social provides independent parent training to families and caregivers to effectively identify goals, manage behavior problems and increase independence.  Sessions are designed to teach families and caregivers how to teach, generalize and maintain skills taught in the child’s natural environment. Parent Training sessions may be held in the family’s home and/or community setting and session length may vary dependent on need.

Behavior consultation services include assessment, program development, staff training and supervision of service provision in the home and school setting. We collaborate with families, school staff and service providers to address academic and behavior goals.

We provide workshops and in service training on a variety of topics, including: Managing Difficult Behavior; Introduction to ABA; Self Management. Please contact us based on your interest, as we may be able to tailor a workshop to meet your specific needs.